The Best Workouts to Get in Shape Your Body

When you want to get in shape while you haven’t much time, we are here to provide the best solution by best workouts for your body. No worry about much time, just follow some simple cardio workouts as per your expected body shape. If you don’t have enough time to go to the gym, you can start these exercises at your home or even while in your office.

Best workouts for your body

As we cannot change our genes, so we can only make the most of what we were born with by workouts for our shape. To get started, you need to determine your particular body type. It helps to choose a specific workout plan to get faster results. Slim down all over and amps up your body with any of the following four shape specific workout plans.

  • Pear-Shaped bodies are heavier on the bottom portion than the upper portion. Have extra heaviness in their hips, thighs as well as in butt. For example Jennifer Lopez or Beyoncé.
  • Apple-Shaped bodies seem rounder in the middle, and they have a thicker waist while compared to their shoulders and hips like Lindsay Lohan.
  • Straight or Boyish looks like a string bean and have no curves in their body such as Gwyneth Paltrow.
  • Hourglass figures usually appear very curvy, and they have a smaller waist as Scarlett Johansson.

For Pear-Shaped Body Workouts

If you have a pear-shaped body, followings are best workouts for your body. This cardio helps you to tighten up all over and sculpt both of your arms and shoulders. Also, it will help you to lose a heavier lower half and balanced with your upper body to get in shape.

Time: 30 minutes

Tools: a pair of dumbbells

Routine: 3-4 days in a week


  1. V-Pull Pile
  2. Capoeira Skater
  3. Lunge Lift-Off Cross Curl
  4. Criss-Cross Squat Jacks
  5. Plank Leg Sweep
  6. Skipping Lunge

For Apple-Shaped Body Workouts

These exercises help you to blast fat and balance with your waist for a better-shaped body structure. It mainly works on belly and waistline zones.

Time: up to 30 minutes

Tools: a couple of dumbbells

Routine: 3 or 4 days per week


  1. Weighted Bird Dog
  2. Rear Lunge Chop
  3. Pulldown Extension
  4. Pushup Climbers
  5. Windmill Split Squat
  6. Weighted Walk-Up

For Straight or Boyish Body Workouts

This strength-building exercise improves body composition, overall endurance, and stamina.

Time: 30 minutes (max)

Tools: Free weights

Routine: 3 to 4 days in a week


  1. Deadlift Overhead Press
  2. 1.5 Lunges
  3. V-Raise
  4. Fencer's Lunge Extension
  5. Side-to-Side Plank Pushups
  6. Diagonal Lunge and Curl

For Hourglass Figure Workouts

Many people maintain this plan to keep their body shapely yet firm. It will not only sculpting your entire body but also improves your strength and stamina. Typical working zones are thighs, upper arms and belly pooch.

Time: 30 minutes (max)

Tools: Bench and Free weights

Routine: 2-3 days per week


  1. Lateral Step-Up Squat Press
  2. Rear Lunge Row Taps
  3. Decline Pushups
  4. Alternating Skip-Ups
  5. Triceps Dip March
  6. Single-Leg Bridge and Press

In conclusion

In general, many people are regularly joining with fitness center or gym to get in shape. Many of them working hard initially and get bored after a period. Some of them are leavening the gym for timing issues or many other restrictions like dieting or even injury problem. But this time your home or office can be your fitness center. Just follow regularly these particular best workouts for your body when you have free time and get a result within a month.