Why a Double Chin May Not Be Inevitable

While some women are naturally blessed with smooth, taut jaws and necklines, most are not. Some people are genetically disposed to slight double chins, while others get them when they gain weight. Almost everyone develops a bit of extra skin under the neck as they age. As a result, thousands of women search for, and find, help on sites like http://www.lifewithlisa.com/best-face-forward-dealing-double-chin-dilemma. Online articles often provide answers that range from simple everyday steps to professional options like Kybella treatments.

How Double Chins Form

The term “double chin” refers to saggy skin under the jawline, in the neck area. It happens when excess fat accumulates and causes the skin to sag. Sometimes it creates a smooth extra fold, but can also just look like saggy skin. That is common when muscles have lost their bulk. Double chins may be caused by weight gain. The affect is also very common in older people, although it varies widely in appearance. Some women develop a small amount of loose skin at the jawline, while those who are very overweight may have the appearance of “triple chins”. However, even the mildest problem can cause a loss of self confidence, especially in today’s looks-obsessed society. As a result, most women attempt some sort of treatment.

Sometimes a Few Easy Changes Help

Many times simple lifestyle changes can dramatically improve a double chins. For example, weight loss reduces the accumulated fat and there are exercises to firm up surrounding muscles. Chewing gum also offers exercise benefits and drinking water minimizes fluid retention. Some women find that taking Vitamin E supplements or even rubbing Vitamin E oil into skin will tighten it.

Professional Cosmetic Treatments Offer Excellent Results

Plastic surgeons can remove double chins, but the practice is expensive, time-consuming and leaves scars. As a result, some women are turning to options like the Kybella procedure. During this non-surgical process a doctor injects medication into the affected area, to emulsify the fat. It is then absorbed by the body. The process only takes about 15 minutes and needs to be repeated several times.

Although double chins in women often occur naturally, they can be eliminated. Lifestyle changes may do the trick for many women, while others solve the problem with non-surgical, professional injections that dissolve fat.